The old woman  plodded up the stairs slowly mumbling under her breath, words fumbling in drunken haze bleeding out of her mouth each step slow and measured stabbing into the carpeted wooden floors that groaned in pain from her assault  Outside the darkness crept along behind the day as it said its last goodbye on the horizon its pale corpse withering behind a valleys of bricks, inside the darkness breathed following after the old woman like a pungent scent.   She listened as the frail shadow ascended the words to low to dissect frozen in her darkened room lit by the purring laptop over heating on her bed, her mother shuffled along the thick fur like carpet into her own room.  The daughter breathed a sigh mingled with annoyance as she remembered the bottle of wine her mother concealed behind the shopping it would be in the bin along with the half devoured whiskey which she was surprised to find resting in the cupboard with the pots and pans and not sleeping with the vegetable skins and ripped letters demanding money.


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