The weary old mother sat down sighing with relief on the sofa gnawing loudly on a red apple she smiled then spoke in a somber tone to her daughter.

“Goodness knows how am going to pay off 1000 with 5 pounds a week” snorting with laughter at some cruel joke twisting her lips with worry and sighing with each bite she took.

The girl desperately wanted to reply “perhaps its best to pay what you can then nothing at all” but she didn’t she just silently huffed with frustration burying her head in sea of words floating in the book harder and harder she gazed hoping her mother would not speak.

With a faint zest of hope the old woman added “I want to pay them off as quickly as possible so I can borrow so more”.  The girl breathed quietly the smile still stuck on her face smothering the words that danced eagerly on her tongue “Don’t you see this is why your drowning”, but silent she remained unable to help she gave what she could and still it was not enough.

“I think I’ll go for a walk” the old woman declared as she took her last bite and discarded the core into the waste basket “I don’t think you sister will come today” as she looked at the ticking clock the day growing old with each step.

“Please don’t” her daughter wanted to say “and spend what you have on what you don’t need” but instead she looked up and smiled warmly and said “okay it looks nice today” scolding her timid self that cowered in the dark.

The old woman bundled up and marched off alone as the girl sat curled up alone, they didn’t speak of their darkness instead wrapped up warmly as the coldness bit.


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